9 February 2016

Bill's Burgers, Avocado Pancake and A Warm Chocolate Brownie

Remember Sunday's post when I said I was heading out to lunch? Well it may have turned into a three-course affair... what can I say, we were hungry!

One of my all-time favourite restaurants is Bill's. I've been a ridiculous amount of times, I really think I deserve a loyalty card. So for starters I went for an old favourite, the Crispy Crumbed Halloumi, which is absolutely incredible. It looks like a bowl of chicken nuggets but the breadcrumb coating is actually filled with halloumi cheese... genius!

Meanwhile my friend went for the slightly healthier, yet equally delicious option of Sweet Corn and Coriander Pancake, complete with sundried tomato pesto and avocado (speaking of which, happy Pancake Day! I'll be having mine with Nutella, or maybe sugar and lemon, or cheese... I can't decide!).

For mains we both kept it simple with Bill's Hamburgers. Sometimes I think of ordering something a little different, but then worry I'll get major food envy... that's the worst! And I always, always switch to sweet potato fries. If you haven't been to Bill's before, promise me you'll order the sweet potato fries. They're THE BEST ever, and I've sampled a fair few!

Finally, for dessert my friend opted for the Blackberry and Caramel Apple Eton Mess (how delicious does it look?! Definitely ordering it next time!) while me, being the chocoholic that I am (seriously, you should see the amount of creme eggs I've already eaten this year), went for the Warm Chocolate Brownie complete with chocolate sauce, a dollop of ice cream and a chocolate flake for good measure. I always think the best Sundays are spent devouring the yummiest food!

Are you a Bill's addict too? What's your usual order? Or where else do you like to go? I love hearing foodie recommendations!



  1. I love Bills restaurant too but haven't been there in ages! The food looks so good, you're making me hungry hehe. I had the chocolate brownie dessert last time :)

    Hanh / hanhabelle

    1. The chocolate brownie is so good isn't it! I'm craving it now... :D

  2. I loved Bill's so much when I visited London. We were there for around 7 days and every day we went to Bill's! It's pretty rare that I like the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu at the same place but I loved almost everything on the menu at Bill's.


    1. Ah so pleased you liked it! I'm the same, I love their whole menu, I think I could eat it all! x

  3. Omg those puddings look so yummy!
    -Morgan x

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  5. This is officially on my London list, yum!

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  6. Great post, this restaurant sounds amazing! I always go for sweet potato fries as well, so much better than normal fries! Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. Totally agree, they taste SO much better! Sure I'll check it out :)


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