29 March 2017

The Sell-Out Blouse That's Now Back In Stock!

Top here (love this white version too) | Jeans here | Shoes here | Bag - vintage Bally

If you watched my recent Topshop haul over on my YouTube channel, you'll have seen me show this top in both red and black. I asked you guys which colour I should keep and while there were a few votes for the black, the majority said red - so this is the one I kept! Although I am sort of thinking of keeping the black too... would that be really bad?

Anyway, I'm obsessed with it - I love how OTT the frills are and it ties at the front with two bows and has the most ridiculously amazing flared sleeves. It's a top that boys don't really understand ("Why has it got those big ruffle things all over it?") but girls give the Knowing Nod of Approval when you wear it on a night out.

This top sold out super quickly when it first came out, but I've just seen it's re-ermerged on the Topshop website so if you want to buy it get it quick before it disappears again!

Brigitte x


  1. That's a gorgeous top and in red especially it reminds me of the little dancing salsa girl emoji! I don't think it'd be bad if you got this in black as well either... ;)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. It reminds me of that too! And I think I've decided I'm going to keep the black... I just love them both too much!


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