29 July 2017

Polka Dots

Shoes - Office
Bag - vintage Bally

Happy Saturday! Very glad it's the weekend although what is up with this weather?! We're meant to be going to a pub garden again later this evening so fingers crossed it clears up!

So this skirt is my new favourite from Urban Outfitters, the material and fit are both really nice although I did do a tiny stitch at the back to make it sit higher on the waist. The crop top is also from Urban Outfitters, currently in the sale for £8(!) and the bag is vintage, borrowed (stolen) from my mum. I don't know if she's realised yet that she probably won't be getting it back anytime soon... :)


  1. That outfit is so cute, I love that skirt!

  2. Replies
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    2. Thank you Sandra, I love it! xx

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  4. Nice skirt! its looking so style and fashionable.


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