2 November 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette Review

If you only buy one thing this month, it has to be the Anastasia Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette. After kicking myself for not picking up Anastasia's Couture World Traveler Palette, I made sure I got my mitts on this one as soon as it hit Cult Beauty, and I'm so glad I did... it's absolutely beautiful.

First up, it's a total bargain; you get 14 eyeshadows for £26 which works out at less than £2 a shadow. And the quality is amazing; every shade is soft, buttery and easy to blend with great pigmentation. It's a very wearable palette with a good selection of brown-toned neutrals, but there are also some pops of colour thanks to Isla, an unusual aqua green, Deep Purple, a strikingly intense violet, and Blossom, a glimmering princess pink.

The palette only includes two shadows from the permanent range, Pink Champagne and Hot Chocolate, and there are also only two matte shades, with the rest boasting either a subtle shimmer or a more eye-catching metallic shine.

I can honestly see myself wearing every shade from this palette (even Isla!), but my favourites have to be Hot & Cold, a warm brown with a hint of copper, and Pink Champagne, a truly stunning rose gold. Sherbet makes a great transition shade while Hot Chocolate adds a nice amount of depth when blended into the crease.

The only downside to this palette is it's limited edition, and in the UK it's already sold out on Cult Beauty. But keep an eye on BeautyBay as they're set to get new stock this week.

And if you fancy seeing the palette in action, I'll be uploading a tutorial to my YouTube channel very soon - stay tuned! (Update: Click here for the tutorial!)

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    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! I'm so obsessed, been wearing it every day since I got it x

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