25 March 2016

Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book The Art of Sculpting & Defining Review

While this palette may look pretty boring, it's actually quickly become one of my favourites! I originally picked it up because it contains two of Kevyn Aucoin's most raved-about products; The Sculpting Powder and The Celestial Powder in Candlelight.  I expected to use it mostly to contour my face, but I've actually found myself reaching for it as eyeshadow.

If you want to create a defined, contoured eye look, then this palette is perfect. I use the Accentuate & Highlight shade, a shimmery oyster champagne, all over my lid, paired with a mixture of the cool-toned Sculpting Powder and the warmer Define & Warm Brow in my crease and outer corners. 

To help open up my eyes, I add the Brighten shade (which is actually The Celestial Powder in Starlight) to my inner corners, and then I sweep Candlelight across the tops of my cheekbones for a subtle daytime glow.

The palette is designed as a 'book', so when you first open it, you're given detailed instructions and diagrams of exactly how to contour your face and eyes. You then turn the 'page' to reveal a large mirror along with the six powder pans. 

I have to admit the palette is a lot smaller than I expected, with the size of the pans ranging from 0.04 oz to 0.08 oz. It's pricey (£47) for the amount of product you get, but it's great if you're interested in trying a few Kevyn Aucoin powders rather than splurging on just one (a large pan of The Sculpting Powder alone costs £35). The shades feel buttery soft with no fall-out and they last around eight hours on my primed lids before starting to fade. 

While I always coo over new palettes with brightly-coloured shades, you can't beat a mix of matte and shimmery neutrals for an easy, elegant look. It's become my go-to everyday eyeshadow palette!

What's your favourite neutral palette?

Brigitte x

PS. A new video went up on my YouTube channel yesterday - a huge spring Primark haul!



  1. Wow I love your eye makeup, and I love that you've found multiple uses for these shadows as well. I've wanted to try the Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder and the highlight for a while now so I can definitely see the appeal of both in a palette. The pans do look pretty small though!


    1. Thank you lovely! The pans are very small, but then I never really end up hitting pan on palettes so I think they'll last me a while! :) x

  2. The makeup is very nice and simple perfect for any occasion.


  3. This is perfect and right up my street! Although, I'm not sure on the brand, it looks fab.
    I am a complete and utter sad mess of a novice at makeup, makeup application, contouring etc. and need all the help I can get. This palette and step by step in written form, together with the products is exactly what I need. :)
    You look flawless and beautiful. :)


    1. Aww thank you! I love the instructions in the palette, I've been doing the whole contouring thing for years but I still found them really helpful! x

  4. Gorgeous makeup - love your eye makeup! Xx


  5. Lovely makeup! :)

  6. Stunning makeup and gorgeous red lip!!! May I know which lipstick shade you wear?


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